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lost coastlines
31 December 2037 @ 12:32 am
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lost coastlines
26 November 2016 @ 05:19 pm
holiday love meme 2016
my thread here

just wanted to drop in and say hi, i'm not dead, so please give me any kind of validation if you feel inclined? lol. any encouragement / reminiscing is more than welcome. ♥ so are comments telling me to kick my own butt and start writing again!! maybe!! someday!!! idk.

i've been uploading all my fics to ao3 (i'm almost done minus some drabbles), so check them out there for easier reading/bookmarking/whatever it is you do on ao3.

you can also find me on twitter @yifauns.
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lost coastlines
end of the year writing meme (2015) [condensed version]

number of posted fics: 16

total words written & posted: ~44,145 words
total words written (including 2 unfinished works): ~51,695 words
longest fic written: ~7,590 words
shortest fic written: ~200 words

ships written (main only; side/mentioned ships not included):
♡ baekhyun/kyungsoo
♡ chanyeol/kyungsoo (2)
♡ jongdae/yifan (2)
♡ jongin/junmyeon
♡ jongin/yifan
♡ junmyeon/yifan
♡ kyungsoo/lu han (+ 1 from a wip)
♡ kyungsoo/yifan (+ 1 from a wip)
♡ lu han/minseok/sehun
♡ lu han/yixing
♡ lu han/zitao
♡ minseok/sehun
♡ minseok/yixing
♡ sehun/yifan
♡ yifan/yixing

most common narrator (published fics only): yifan (5 fics)
most common character (published fics only & main characters only): yifan (7 fics)

fests/exchanges written for: 11 (every single fic i wrote, including two ask.fm requested drabbles, was written for something. i only wrote one drabble that wasn't. lol. my two wips were originally for exo relief fund and kyungsooperior.)
☼ fight club wolf/abo fest (2 fics)
sexiu valentine's day project
yifantasy (2 fics)

personal favourite fic: probably blindsided (kyungsoo/yifan)
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lost coastlines
26 December 2015 @ 01:04 pm
title: layhan's adventures in watersports
pairing: lu han/yixing
rating: nc-17
length: ~6,275 words
warnings: watersports (ingestion, assistance, penetration & during coitus), frottage, dirty talk, mentioned toy usage, unprotected sex
summary: Yixing really has to pee, and Lu Han isn't Yixing's best friend for nothing.

notes: originally posted at relayficfest here. i'm not sorry at all. (except for the porny dialogue in some places.) i hope anyone brave or curious enough to read enjoys it! I'M SORRY I JUST REALLY LOVE PEE Y'ALL.

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lost coastlines
29 November 2015 @ 08:06 pm
holiday love meme 2015
my thread here

feel free to leave me anonymous comments if you wish c:
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lost coastlines
26 November 2015 @ 04:14 pm
title: 2315: A Space Oddity
pairing: jongin/yifan
rating: nc-17
length: ~2,900 words
warnings: tentacles, knotting, unprotected sex, tentacle bondage?
summary: In the not-so-distant future, in a galaxy far, far away, a humanoid tentacle alien fucks his physical therapist....

notes: originally posted at yifantasy here. i didn't have enough time to write everything i wanted to, so i'll be posting a continuation later! with even more kinkier shit. yayyy.

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lost coastlines
26 November 2015 @ 04:06 pm
title: down for your rhythm, down for your love
pairing: sehun/yifan
rating: nc-17
length: ~1,170 words
warnings: watersports, knotting, rimming, heat sex, self-lubrication, unprotected sex, mention of imprinting
summary: abo/wolf au. sehun goes into heat the morning of yifan's birthday.

notes: originally posted at yifantasy here. just filthy, self-indulgent pwp. hbd kris!!!!!!! ♡

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lost coastlines
14 November 2015 @ 07:04 pm
title: blindsided
pairing: kyungsoo/yifan (past kyungsoo/zitao & mentioned chanyeol/jongdae)
rating: pg-13
length: ~7,590 words
warnings: references to minor past character death, age gap/age reversal (kyungsoo is older, yifan is younger), mentions of depression, angst, sexual references
summary: yifan may be the inspiration kyungsoo needs to (seelovelive) write again.

notes: back for this year's round of kyungsooperior~! (i haven't written krisoo in a year. that is WAY too long @____@;; my otp…)
☼ after four/five different fic ideas, all of which ended up being Way Too Long and thus stored away for next year (maybe), i finally settled on this one.
☼ no porn this time, sorry. :( (all though i was tempted to write emotional porn in the end bc GOD DAMN but it wouldn't really fit.) i've been writing too many kinky things lately and i need a break. x___x;;
☼ i'm dedicating this to sugarystatic (krisoo senpai) ((again)) because she's a lovely person and her krisoo fics are inspirational and timeless. <3
☼ this was sort of loosely inspired by lu han's new movie the witness, but i've also wanted to write blind!soo for a while now.
☼ (the writer's block in this fic is way too real, btw.)
☼ thank you my dear friend oksana for looking this over for me!
☼ you can read my krisoo for last year's kyungsooperior here!

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lost coastlines
12 November 2015 @ 03:27 pm
title: snowball
pairing: lu han/zitao
rating: nc-17
length: ~3,280 words
warnings: bestial penetrable sex toy usage and descriptions of bestial sex toys, rimming, felching, unprotected sex, crack-ish (because what the heck)
summary: in which zitao takes lu han's name too literally and buys a deer boy's butt toy for himself. if he can't fuck lu han, then he might as well settle for the next best thing.

notes: originally posted at taoandlu here.
this (NSFW anthropomorphic art and bestial sex toys) is the masturbation toy tao uses in the fic. go go bad dragon ♡

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lost coastlines
29 September 2015 @ 09:37 pm
sheryl talks: sometimes i get really antsy when i finish a fic but i can't post it (for a fest or exchange or w/e). so, i've decided to post these drabbles. these aren't very good, imo. but like. they're drabbles. so you know. deal widdit. they barely total 1k hahaha what's uuuup. i was going to wait to write one more because i feel these are so sub-par, but i'm impatient and really lazy. also deadlines.

thanks, guys. hope you enjoy regardless. hearteu.

title: i feel you in my heart
pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17
length: ~500 words
warnings: mpreg, pregnant sex, self-lubrication, unprotected sex, lapslock
summary: catboy au. kyungsoo attends to his kitty, who is carrying their unborn child.

notes: anon gave me the prompt, "Kyungsoo fucks pregnant!yeol..and kisses yeol's bump.. " (jesus christ kid... are you trying to kill me....) originally posted on my ask.fm. (come ask me shit?)

title: whatever turns you on, whatever gets you off
pairing: minseok/yixing
rating: nc-17
length: ~200 words
warnings: spanking, rimming, fingering, lapslock
summary: yixing likes seeing minseok submit to him like this.

notes: anon gave me the prompt, "minxing - spanking and fingering please." originally posted on my ask.fm.

title: get high (get you under my skin)
pairing: jongdae/yifan
rating: nc-17
length: ~400 words
warnings: drug and alcohol usage, fingering, lapslock
summary: jongdae makes him forget.

notes: chenris rockstar au. i wrote this at a lynyrd skynyrd/blue öyster cult/eddie money concert, right after blue öyster cult performed and before eddie money came on, and then after the other two shows. the atmosphere of a rock concert inspired me. the jaded feeling of a new hotel room every night, plane after plane, singing your heart out on a different stage each time. and jongdae, who follows yifan everywhere, and helps him deal.

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